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In addition to Data and Network Infrastructure, EPS Communications is a full service business phone system and cabling provider. We provide a full array of phone services including, but certainly not limited to, installation of new systems, maintenance of existing systems, and repairs of systems that have been damaged by our wonderful Florida weather or simply because the system has exceeded its life. Contact us for all your business phone needs and let us put our expertise to use for you.

Voice-Over IP

Let our Factory-trained and certified technicians professionally install VoIP phone systems by Star2Star at your business. After Installation, the system is monitored through the manufacturer for integrity. In multi-office situations, the VoIP phone is the efficient solution, as you can dial internally throughout offices. The cost savings are more substantial than traditional phone systems no matter the size. VoIP also offers you flexibility; you can program you VoIP phone to have whichever features you need, including multiple extensions and lines.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality life safety systems for our customers to protect persons, property, and business investments from events caused by nature, fire, persons, and intrusion through the installation of systems that detect these harmful events.